Well, that’s pretty much it for 3260

Wow, these courses go by so quickly, especially when life is busy around them. I can’t believe that I only have part of the evaluation course and the capstone to go!

This past week we finished up the Feedback Strategies Digital Project. I completed mine on Classroom Assessment Quality Circles (yeah, I had never heard of them either).  🙂


You can see my infographic on Classroom Assessment Quality Circles here.

Have fun on your learning journey,



Week 8

Here we are in week 8, only a few more to go.

This week we are finishing up (starting :)) the feedback strategies digital project. I can’t wait to get started. After that, it is only the blog to finish up.

It is so weird to think I am on the home stretch for the PIDP. I am currently working on PIDP 3230 as well, but once that is done I only have the capstone to go.

Well, I guess I should get to it!


Week 7

Time’s flying!

So week 7 is here and so far (knock on wood) seems to be holding together.

This week Ellie and I are working on our report for our ethical dilemma project using Google Docs. I have never used Google Docs before, but I am already in love. Now if only I can find more people to do group work with… anybody doing their capstone in the next while 🙂 it’s always good to have another set of eyes look over your work. I love it when technology is actually useful.

Another journal due this week as well, apparently Karen doesn’t want me making Easter dinner this year. 🙂 Fine, I’ll just eat all the chocolate while invariably getting melted chocolate all over my keyboard…

I hope everyone has a great long weekend, 🙂


Week 6

Well here we are in week 6.

I am feeling like the workload is actually possible this week. I finished up the courses that I am teaching and only have some residual marking to finish up.

I am relieved to be finished my courses, but as I am the co-ordinator of a few programs at the college right now, I anticipate a fair amount of screen time over the next few weeks as I tidy up some accreditation work and reply to a boatload of emails.

Since it is now sunny outside, I am leaving you for some fresh air.

Here is the picture to prove it:




Week 5

Week 5, more than half way there already!

This week is a busy one, so I will leave you with this brief hello and a reminder to check out my 3260 professional practice section to see this week’s topics.

Take care,


Week 4

Well, here we are in week 4.

A little overwhelmed this week for sure. Working on the journal, the assessment assignment, the ethics assignment and the blog assignment seems like a bit much when I have 42 papers, 21 tests, 21 projects to mark this weekend, not to mention the prep I have to do for next week.

Thankfully my PIDP 3230 course starts this week too, wouldn’t want to get bored…

In light of this, I will keep this update brief, so I can get outside for some fresh air. Self-care is part of professional practice too!


Week 3!

Hello folks,

Week 3 is well on its way!

Ellie, my awesome assignment 4 partner, and I have chosen scenario 1 for our ethics discussion.

Scenario 1 describes a situation where an instructor (Carlos) meets with students at a pub after class.

Carlos’s boss Gary relays that one of the students (Amna) is feeling left out as discussions concerning class material are taking place at the pub and she isn’t comfortable going to the pub.

Carlos tries to change the venue to a diner, but Gary states that the issue is that Carlos shouldn’t be fraternizing with his students as Gary feels it is a conflict of interest.

Over the next few weeks Ellie and I will do our best to ethically solve this situation. (I’ll let you know how it turns out)

toast, alcohol, bottles

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Cheers Carlos!


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